"The fact that Sport Court is an "all-weather" surface here in New England is what my family and I enjoy most about our Sport Court.  We would recommend Sport Court of MA - our court is built with quality products.  Our terrain was more challenging than most due to slope and ledge issues, but John Campbell and his experienced team were flexible and creative in solving  them.  Given a short deadline to complete the court, we were impressed by how hard they worked to meet it."

Frank- Gloucester, MA

What some schools are saying:


The Goddard School

Episcopal School

"As a family, we truly love basketball and we love the court. When our kids get together with friends, they all come over and we know what they are doing. I would absolutely recommend Sport Court of MA. I have had nothing but good experiences with John Campbell and Sport Court of MA."

David | Andover, MA

Design Your Court

"Seventeen years ago my wife and I purchased our current home. The property needed significant landscape attention and we cleared many trees creating an area that appeared suitable for a basketball court. With no children at the time, we proceeded to create our court. After some research, I discovered Sport Court - how very fortunate we were! We built a reduced size full court with lighting and nets to play volleyball and tennis. Now, seventeen years and four children later, our Sport Court stands as our single most productive investment in our property. Countless games have been played by all ages including a significant number of high school athletes. Basketball has dominated however the court has been used for all games and even for an area to learn to ride a bike, roller blade, and most recently as a surface for our ice rink. We have needed to invest zero dollars in maintenance and so many years later, the color may have faded slightly, but the court remains as functional and is as vital to our daily activities as it was on day one. Our satisfaction as a consumer is 100 percent. We are absolutely thrilled with our decision so many years ago to invest in Sport Court and hope any others that are considering do so and receive all the gratification that our family has."

Sean and Janice | Milton, MA


"We have had our Sport Court® modular floor for 10 years and have had a great experience with it. Low maintenance and great performance—you can’t go wrong with a Sport Court surface"

Sam Lay, Salem Community Center


Build a Court


"Our Sport Court gives us a great place for all sorts of activities, even some that I did not intend on! My kids now play street hockey on the court, kick the soccer ball against the rebound net and when the grass is wet, they play football on it. There are just so many uses for it! Our Sport Court always gives us (kids and adults) a place to enjoy sports. John made the building experience very easy. He met all of his dates and I would highly recommend Sport Court of MA."

Henry | Scituate, MA

"WOW!   Grand slam home run!!!   Words cannot describe how grateful we are for all the work you all did to install this AMAZING product in our backyard called a Sport Court. Like any consumer, I was a little fearful investing so much money into this backyard project.  Since then, I can say it's the best material investment we've ever made for our family.  

For anyone who is considering doing something similar, here's what I think they should know:

  1. It's very true that your Sport Court will get more use than a swimming pool.  We have a great large pool with a diving board and a hot tub.  But our kids and their friends are out on the Sport Court playing basketball or short court tennis 5 times more than at our pool.  

  2. If you like the idea of your kids' friends coming to your house, this is for sure the answer.  It's a kid magnet, including ages 3-70.  

  3. If you are undecided on adding a light to the court, I highly recommend it.  So often, the teenagers are out there playing till midnight.

  4. This is a crazy one time investment that will last your lifetime.  It can be expensive, but it's 10x more worth it than you think.  Let the professionals like James do their work, and DON'T TRY TO DO THIS ON YOUR OWN.  Many years ago, I had an asphalt guy put in asphalt for a basketball court in my backyard.  It was okay, but it was not level at all, and in time, we had all kinds of problems.  Do this right.  You will wonder as you write the checks if you're doing the right thing.  Later, you will be so thankful you did it.

  5. This is a MAJOR construction project, not a 'backyard' project like adding a swing set or a basketball goal.  Let me repeat.  This is a MAJOR construction project.  The foundation of your court is critical.  Who does this and the quality of this work is key.  Treat this the same as you would if you were to build a 1500 square foot addition to your house.  Who you hire as your contractor is everything.  The amount of planning involved is so much more than you may think. 

  6. James Cox is the most detailed, conscientious, honest guy you may ever meet.  He treats the project as if it's his own.  He is incredibly selective over which subcontractors he uses, and stays on top of them to do their jobs and makes sure they do them right.  If you don't have the right subcontractors, especially for the concrete, you are taking a major risk.  And because James has so much experience, he can help you with so many details you would have never thought about, and he can provide you with lots of great, inexpensive ideas that can use to enhance the main project.  For example, he helped me tremendously with the color selection and where to put all the lines and the nets.  He helped me think through the details of how to maximize the dollars I was investing in regard to running electric, placement of the court, delivery of the materials, making a little room for a shuffleboard court, etc.  He helped me add an outdoor movie screen, an official size horseshoe pit, a sand volleyball court and a stamped concrete patio with a fire pit.  He will also throw in some extra surprises at no cost to you, but I will let those things be a surprise.

  7. The retaining wall that had to be added is beautiful, and some fencing work and gates we added are totally professional.  So, if there's extra things that need to be done, just leave it to James.  

  8. The quality of the materials on the court is awesome.  The plastic tiles have a little give to them to make playing on the court easier on the knees.   The basketball goals and netting is all first class.   

  9. If something is not right, James will fix it.  Like any major project with lots of subcontractors, it's inevitable something will go wrong.  There were only a couple things that went wrong, and James was a man of his word.  In both cases, he got them fixed without increasing my cost.

  10. Just DO IT.  You will be so glad you did."

Dean  |  Midlothian, VA