Certified Sport Court CourtBuilder.

In the year 1974 Sport Court developed the outdoor backyard basketball court and courts and flooring for many more sports. In the years that followed, Sport Court installed more than 50,000 courts across the world — including those for over 50 NBA coaches and players (even for Shaquille O’Neal and Larry Brown). Even though here at Sport Court we’re known for being the world’s largest court builder, we still strive to bring you hometown, personalized service. We’ve built a team committed to quality, and we promise to be there to the end, guaranteeing you get your indoor or outdoor court built right. Sport Court of Washington, DC holds onto this perspective that keeps us active in the game. We continue to work to be the best — a leader in installation and servicing of modular sports flooring. That’s who we are. 

Sport Court of Washington, DC is prepared to make your court and experience the very best. 

For 3 decades we’ve focused on one thing, building courts that motivate champions.

  • Our CourtBuilders have been certified by both Sport Court and ASBA
  • Design experts help you custom design your court for every single one of your sports needs
  • We commit to the project coordination and customer service — starting at design and carrying through to long-term maintenance
  • Professional-grade materials and construction processes make Sport Court stand out in the outdoor sports game
  • Your 15-year warranty on both the surface and components make this a sound investment
  • Every product produce is independently tested to ensure both quality and performance