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We Know Tennis Courts.

No need to worry about cracks, blisters and resurfacing every few years like traditional applications, our tennis court surfacing has the latest technology in athletic performance surfacing, offering vertical cushioning and patented “lateral forgiveness” to absorb the shock of sudden starts and stops in hard play.

Our certified Tennis Court Builder network is the largest in the industry, and they are dedicated to providing you a long lasting, low-maintenance tennis court. Whether you choose our Suspended Surface, Power Game, Premier Court, Guardian Crack Repair or Cushioned Acrylics, our systems have longer warranties against cracking. We custom build 36’, 60’ and full-size tennis courts for homes and tennis facilities and are ready to customize any court to match your needs.

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Tennis Court Resurfacing by Sport Court of Washington, DC

Tennis Court Resurfacing? Upgrade your existing tennis court to a tennis court and multi-sport game court by Sport Court Mid Atlantic.

Traditional acrylic surfaces are the tried and true playing surface for tennis in the United States. This is the surface that American tennis has grown up on and is the most played on surface in the U.S. Acrylic surfaces have their inherent issues with constant repairs, maintenance, and cracking.

Sport Court Tennis provides more long term safe surface options that reduce or eliminate the issues with standard acrylic surfaces than any other company.

Our surfacing provides safety for children and adults with a high-performance outdoor or indoor tennis court that allows your tennis players of all ages and skill levels, with an easy-on-the-joints, responsive surface on which to perfect their game. Sport Court of Washington, DC is the leader in tennis courts and tennis court resurfacing.

Currently, Sport Court of Washington, DC serves residential communities and commercial properties, building tennis courts and multi-sport game courts in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and their surrounding areas.